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Welcome to Our Finecraft Gallery from Bali island

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In addition, if any product in our site interests you particularly, please contact us for more information or pictures. The images in show our standard products but we are also able to manufacture any variations or special orders on demand.

candle holder
coconut skin
cd rack
Rocking Horse
new mask
banana leaf
coconut shell
bali handicraft
bali handicraft
wooden statue
foot wear
flying creature
wall clock
paper flower
candle stand
wooden statue
wooden cat
photo album
wooden statue
wind chime
wooden statue
bali handicraft
wooden statue

Thank you for visiting our website!
Your are in the right place to choose your partner business.
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Our collections nice various handicraft from Bali & Indonesia , high quality that our collections will be delivered punctually and in the exact specifications they require is our goal. Reliability and Trustworthy are the keys. Every effort is focused to achieve the two ideals.
Our clients have their own needs and we fully understand every each of them. Working hard to fulfill them is the thing we need to do.

Reliability and Trustworthy are the keys.

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